About Us

The Selangor Creative Arts Movement (SCREAM) is an initiative by Selangor Youth Community (SAY). SCREAM is a movement with a vision to uncover, discover and develop creative professionals through community platforms within Selangor. SCREAM aims to increase public appreciation towards arts and creativity by listening to, working alongside with, and empowering our very own communities to spotlight their capabilities in large scale projects and mass participations.

Selangor Youth Community

Selangor Youth Community also known as SAY Community is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization that aims to create a community of youth, for youth and by the youth themselves. Inspired by the Raja Muda of Selangor’s vision for his state to be a vibrant and dynamic youth community, SAY Community aspires to provide an avenue to connect Selangor youth to development opportunities. With the help from Boston Consulting Group under their CSR programme, a survey amongst hundreds of youth in Selangor and also a workshop was conducted in Shah Alam to help identify the areas of interest and set priorities for Selangor youth.

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